About Me

El Barbudo came about for my passion for growing my beard. El Barbudo means bearded one in Spanish. Ever since I have started growing my beard I got interested in beard oil and then balms and butters. I started watching Youtubers such as Beardtube and Beard Baron to name a few. That is when I really started looking at maintenance.

At first I started with really bad products that had way to many chemicals and started learning that they were really bad for your beard. I started to get serious and I researched naturally sourced beard products. Ever since then I was always so curious on how to make my own.

So at the end of 2019, I bought some stuff and see if I could make my own. Turns out it not easy but with a little hard work and sticking to it, I came up with my recipes. I put my everything into making these products from the labels to the melting of the raw organic materials at a precise temperature. I hope that if you try my products I must firstly thank you and secondly do hope that you enjoy them. 


- Mario