Beard Balm - Matador

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El Matador, the bullfighter. Hailing from Spain a tradition going back generations. As she walks in to watch him fight the raging bulls, she gets a hint of a musky scent. She cannot quite figure out where its coming from, but as El Matador enters the arena. She locks eyes and knows.

All of the beard balms are a nice blend of specifically chosen carrier oils, beeswax, and shea nut butter with the blending of essential oils. To give your beard not only a fresh scent, but also help maintain your skin and beard healthy.

The Scent profile:

Spicy and woodsy. A truly classic musk scent.


With a mixture of specifically chosen carrier oils and including beeswax and shea nut butter to help shape and firm hold your beard to have it looking just right and ready for the day.