Beard Oil - Caballero

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El Caballero, or the Gentleman in english walking down the street. Dress up in his dapper attire. With his beard gently blowing in the midsummer air. When all of a sudden the lady sitting in the outdoor patio gets a woodsy musk scent. She is intrigued by this woodsy yet masculine scent. 

All of the beard oils are a nice blend of specifically chosen carrier oils with the blending of essential oils. To give your beard not only a fresh scent, but also help maintain your skin and beard healthy.

The Scent profile:

A woody-masculine fragrance, with top-notes of lemon, lime and a splash of orange, middle-notes of petitgrain, cardamom, rosemary, lily of the valley, jasmine and rose, and base-notes of amber, white musk, fir, vetiver, oakmoss and rosewood.


With a mixture of specifically chosen carrier oils to help the skin with itchiness, helps moisture the skin, treat dry skin and helps reduce acne. The blend is also nourishing to help with skin tone, help with wrinkles and blemishes.